Sad and angry since the election, I’ve disassociated, haven’t paid attention to the news. I’ve kept to myself, read Jane Austen, and gone to museums.

Until yesterday.

Ten of us walked to the march together but got separated right away in the throng and I spent the day alone, with hundreds of thousands of friends, including Gloria Steinem, Michael Moore, Alicia Keys, Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Angela Davis, America Ferrera, Elizabeth Warren, Ashley Judd, and Amy Schumer.


I looked around and realized: all these people feel the same way I do.


370 marches in every state in the country and on every continent.

Ours started at ten AM on Independence Ave and Third. I got there at nine but could only get as close as the Air And Space Museum on Independence and Fourth.


By the time the rally started, people had lined up on Independence Avenue all the way back to 14th.



Jumbotrons were set up along Independence Ave so we could see the speakers. There’s a jumbotron in the upper left of this photo:





After five hours of speakers, people started shouting, “March! March! March!” So we turned around and marched west on Independence Avenue to the Washington Monument.






At one point, people appeared on the sidewalk raising signs that read, “Abortion is Murder,” “BLM are Racist Thugs,” “Homo Sex is Sin.” They formed a bottleneck with these signs; we got closer together and had to slip through. That part was scary.



But that only lasted a few minutes.


When we got to the Washington Monument, we went north on 14th NW.



My Pussy Has a Posse


On tiptoes, I saw a mass of people as far up the street as I could see.



Marchers used all the north-south streets to get toward the White House.

We turned left on Constitution Ave and headed for the Ellipse which is the front yard of the White House.






I’m not sad anymore. I’m fired up.

I’ve just set a recurring alarm on my phone for ten AM. Every day at ten AM, I will be calling my representatives and telling them what I want and what I don’t want.

I want action on climate change, now.

I want the electoral college abolished.

I want equal pay for equal work.

I want the one percent to pay their fair share.

I do not want a Muslim registry.

I do not want a wall on the southern border of our country.

And if anybody tries to defund Planned Parenthood, they will do it over my dead fucking body.

Here’s the number to call to reach your representative and tell them what you want:



Tomorrow, I’m calling to tell them that I do not want Betsy DeVos as my secretary of education.