Someone emailed me to ask if I would be willing to post a link on my Sex for Bitcoin article in return for forty dollars. The spelling and sentence structure of the email wasn’t perfect, but who cares – forty dollars! Meaning I would be a professional, paid writer.

I said sure, what’s the link? It was to a Bitcoin infomercial something or other. Fine.

This blog is a lot of work. If I get this forty dollars, that will come out to about one cent per article. On the right track! Although I’ve gotten a few parties off this blog (readers who have come to the Mustang and spent time with me), I just haven’t figured out how to monetize the content with ads or however people do it. Until now.

I sent back my enthusiast yes to the Bitcoin link and asked how the forty dollars would be transferred. Carrier pigeon would work. I’m not giving my PayPal account to someone who can’t spell. Or, someone could walk in the door and hand me forty dollars, but then I’d have to give half to the Mustang.

Breathlessly awaiting a reply. Probably: Dear Tatyana, Compensation will be in Bitcoin.